Monday, July 27, 2020

A table of French names

A fellow Lamenter on the official Facebooks asked for a French name generator. Little did he know I already had one made up for a module I wrote...

Whether your game takes place in Weird France, Weird Wallonia, the Way of Saint James, the Caribbean or other lands Francophones roam, you know your players will want to pin the name on the NPC Frenchie.

So, to Brotherhood! To Bluster! To Bloodshed!

A 2d12 table of names that are French

Caveat: I am not a French speaker, so do let me know if something here is way off.

*Moustache twirling intensifies*


  1. Very cool! My next character headed to the land of HUME (towers too) I believe it's called will be a french man named Charles de Martigues!

  2. Also useful if you ever run Castle Amber!